Fez puzzles

fez puzzles

Each and every one of those puzzles (read, each and every one) is solved throughout our guide. However we know some of you have beaten Fez and are only. Security Question Room - Fez: This room has a floating purple tablet covered in runes. To solve the Security Question Room puzzle. Use our guide to find every Anti-Cube in tricky puzzle platformer Fez. fez puzzles


Fez - Tetris Puzzle - Anti Cube (4 Mini Blocks - 3 Switches)

Fez puzzles - Nur

Get the IGN Games Newsletter - Over 2 Million Served! He realized the 3D symbol on the cover of the tome might relate to the order in which its pages should be read. There are two ways to complete Fez. Village Main Hub — Lighthouse — Bell Tower — Waterfall — Ruins Central Hub — 4, 8 and 16 Cube Doors Zunu and Zu Mausoleum Observatory Industrial Zone Sewers End Game We hope this guide is helpful and puts all the information some of you have been searching for into one place. NBA Playgrounds review — In need of a re

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