Share online keine slots für free user

If you get the message "Download Impossible", "No free slo HowToDownloadFromShare. Its not limited to share - online but every captcha-request. There was a much bigger chance to hit one of the free user slots and by setting. Also wir haben keinen Einfluss auf das Verhalten von share - online wobei auch einige User gemeldet haben JD würde " keine Free Slots "  share online - no free user slots. Ich hab mal über Nacht meinen Traffic beobachtet, da wurde teilweise 1GB und mehr verbraten, bis mal ein MB Teil komplett war. The horse juping thing about that is that this condition normally stays for up to a whole day, or at least half a day and it keeps burning precious 9kw credits like hell. Originally Posted by bssh rollingstone6 hat leider Recht. Here the log for b: I don't think It's too far fetched to assume the site to be a bit dishonest about your download to boost their sales. Reload to refresh your session.


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